Francois the Talking Mime

My roll on this project began concepting with the creative team. To help sell the client on the idea of using a Talking Mime to help sell wine I approached up a couple of local actors and shot a proof of concept video over a weekend so they could really understand what we wanted to do. Once it was sold through I was involoved throughout production. In addtion to working on the IA and the actual development for the site in a two man team I filmed and edited a number of video assets for the site. The site can be viewed here. The case study video is below.

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Carlsberg Best Mate Competition

My roll on this project really touched all levels of production. I oversaw a freelancer who worked on the bulk of the front end flash work while I worked on a number video assets for the site, coded the backend contest entry, produced (including casting and location scouting) and shot all video that was used on the site, set up and monitered all of the social media components including 30 facebook fan pages. The case study video is below.

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A Few Digital Board/TV Spot Examples

A few examples of Digital Board and TV spot animations and just for fun a bit of quick VFX work making a dog wink

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Wanna to see more?

If you're interested in seeing more of my work please contact me directly and I would be happy to discuss these and other projects in further detail with you.

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